Desert View Drive, Grand Canyon National Park

In the summer when the Village is jammed with people and there is no parking to be found, go east toward Desert View. Here you see outstanding views without the crowding. From Desert View (near the eastern entrance) to Yaki Point you pass Navajo, Lipan, Moran, Grandview Points. Only Yaki Point is accessible via the shuttle (and Yaki has no car access). Each is different and provides an less crowded location to viwe the canyon. Yaki Point provides access to the Kaibab Trail -- the shorter route to Phantom Ranch (shorter is a relative distance term, it may not be easier, for the Phantom Ranch staff it is faster).

Grand Canyon, Desert View, Colorado River
Desert View (7438ft/2267M) is at the eastern end of the road accessible area of the park. The views include the Colorado River and the Colorado Plateau to the east or north. Much of the visible area to the east is the Navajo Nation.
Grand Canyon, Desert View, Watchtower, Mary Colter
The Watchtower (dates from the early 20th century), designed by Mary Colter for the Fred Harvey Company and built to look like an ancient ruin, houses viewing areas and the gift shop. Colter's other famous building is the Hopi House Where you have people, you always have a gift shop. The views from the upper levels are good. The views (the Colorado near the junction with the Little Colorado River) from outside are good.
Grand Canyon, Lipan Point
Lipan Point. 7360ft/2243M. The first stop after Desert View. You have a view back to the Watchtower, which now looks small in the context of the canyon.
Grand Canyon, Moran Point
Moran Point. 7160ft/2182M. The next major viewpoint. Views to the West and across to Grandview Point.
Grand Canyon, Grandview Point
Grandview Point. 7399ft/2256M. One of the few trails down starts at Grandview Point. Read the trail sign. While many people hike below the rim each year, those who are prepared enjoy the experience, those who are unprepared too often end up in the news or on the trail signs.
Grand Canyon, Yaki Point, South Kaibab Trail
Yaki Point (7262ft/2213M) is now accessible only via the shuttle (Kaibab Route, or Orange) from the visitor center (or the direct (non-stop) hiker shuttles early in the morning from the Back Country Office in the Village area). Before starting down the South Kaibab Trail from Yaki Point (or actually behind the point), be sure to fill up from the last water source you will be near until Phantom Ranch at the bottom. Also, take a big drink before starting.

Maintained by Keith Price.