West Rim Drive, Grand Canyon National Park

From Grand Canyon Village, starting at the Bright Angel Trailhead, Hermits Rest Drive, or the West Rim Drive, is generally accessed by foot, bicycle or the shuttle (The Hermits Rest, Red Shuttle). There is very little parking at the viewpoints so the shuttle makes it possible to see them. In the low winter season, driving the route is possible -- unless there is too much snow. A note on crowds on the shuttle: At the ends (the transfer to the Village Shuttle (Blue) near the Bright Angel Trail and far end at Hermit's Rest) drivers only take on passengers until the bus seats are filled (no standing). This allows people to board at the first stop where standees are allowed. If you are using the shuttle for some parts and walking others, it may be best to walk the first part on each end. Also, crowds are much less before the train arrives and before the people driving in arrive for the day.

Grand Canyon, Hermits Rest
Hermits Rest. At the western end of the road accessible park, the views include the river and the desert to the east.
Grand Canyon, Pima Point
Pima Point. At least I think it is Pima. Pima to Hermits Rest is a very nice walk along the rim (1.1mi/1.8km).
Grand Canyon, Mohave Point
Mohave Point. But the desert is spelled Mojave. Mohave, Hopi, Powell and Maricopa are close to each other and make for good walks between them. Outbound shuttles stop at all viewpoints, return shuttles only at Mohave and Hopi. Plan accordingly.
Grand Canyon, Hopi Point
Hopi Point. From Hopi back to the village is generally downhill, so it might be a good walking option on your return.
Grand Canyon, Maricopa Point
Maricopa Point. You have views back to the lodge area. It is hard to imagine snow in Grand Canyon while resting at Phantom Ranch in August (or even in April), but the elevation changes from the top to the bottom make for a variety of weather. Sometimes in the summer it is easier to walk to Maricopa Point rather than dealing with the crowds at the Shuttle Transfre Stop in the Village. The Shuttles only take standees at intermediate stops.
Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Trailhead
Bright Angel Trailhead. 6860ft/2091M. The Shuttle starts here. It is a short walk to the rim lodges and a reasonable walk to the Maswik facility. Given the loop shuttle route, don't bother with it to get to the other lodges other than Yavapai.

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