Grand Canyon North Rim

The South Rim is generally a meandering cliff, with most side canyons being relatively small. The North Rim is formed by a series of large streams (e.g. Bright Angel Creek) with the associated points jutting into the canyon. The views are different from the 2 sides. The North Rim, being higher, gets more snow and is closed to autos in the winter (and all facilities are thus closed, generally in mid-October). The light in the summer is better from the north, in the winter the mid-day sun is low so that views are good more of the day.

Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Point, North Rim
Bright Angel Point. The lodge is located on Bright Angel Point (somewhat back from the point itself, but still on the very narrow ridge leading to the point). On one side is Roaring Springs Canyon (and Bright Angel Creek, with the North Kaibab Trail). On the other side is the Transept Canyon.
Grand Canyon, Roaring Spring Canyon
Toward the bottom you can almost see the water from Roaring Springs. The park water system starts here with a pipe running to the South Rim via Phantom Ranch and Indian Gardens.
Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Point to the South Rim, North Rim
Bright Angel Point. It seems that you can almost touch the South Rim across the Canyon, but it is a long walk (most people take at least 2 days) or a long (215 miles) drive. There is a shuttle that connects the two areas in the summer.
Grand Canyon, Cape Royal, North Rim
Cape Royal, North Rim Grand Canyon. The last viewpoint at the end of the Walhalla Plateau on the Cape Royal road. This is the view to the South Rim and beyond. You pass Angels Window on the way to Cape Royal itself.
Grand Canyon, Angels Window, Cape Royal
Angels Window, North Rim, Grand Canyon. An arch (there is no stream underneath to make it a natural bridge). At the end of the Cape Royal Road.
Grand Canyon, Painted Desert View, Imperial Point, North Rim
Imperial Point view east to the Painted Desert. On the Wahalla Plateau drive you reach the edge of the high part of the Colorado Plateau with views across the Colorado River to the Painted Desert region of eastern Arizona.

Maintained by Keith Price.