North Kaibab Trail in the Grand Canyon

The first thing you learn when hiking in Grand Canyon is that, contrary to what you originally think, going up is easier than going down. Back country here is very different from other parks since you are often within sight of populated areas (but it can still be impossible to get there). All travel below the rim depends on water. Either where it is for drinking or how much there is for rafting. Almost all the trail traffic is on the 3 trails that meet at Phantom Ranch. -- Bright Angel, North Kaibab, and South Kaibab.

North Kaibab Trail

Grand Canyon, North Kaibab Trail, Top, North Rim
North Kaibab Trail, Top. The trail starts in the Roaring Springs side canyon. Unlike the South Kaibab, you start in the Pines.
Grand Canyon, North Kaibab Trail, Bridge
Not that there is much water, but there is a bridge. It does save some down and up at the crossing.
Grand Canyon, North Kaibab, Roaring Springs Area
The trail continues down the narrow side canyon across from Roaring Springs (the canyon water source).
Grand Canyon, Cottonwood Camp, Bright Angel Creek
As soon as you reach Bright Angel Creek, the trail flattens out and becomes an easy walk. At this point is is a long way to anywhere.
Grand Canyon, Cottonwood Camp, Bright Angel Creek
Cottonwood Camp has tent sites, water and a Ranger Station.
Grand Canyon, Lower North Kaibab Trail, Bright Angel Creek
The lower trail slowly descends along the creek eventually ending at Phantom Ranch passing the short detour to Ribbon Ralls.

Maintained by Keith Price.